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- Nulla tenaci invia estvia -

For the persistent, no road is impassable.
Slogan on the Dutch Spyker emblem (a propellor), world's first road-going 4x4 in 1904. See: Spyker info

Those who wander are not necessarily lost

J.R.R. Tolkien

....and not all who launder are washed/WJ....;))

"Toyota Land Cruiser D - gelobt sei, was hart macht."....:))

("Toyota Land Cruiser D - praised be, what makes hard."....:)))

German 1983 brochure, see discussion on BuschTaxi.DE

Carpe Viam

(Seize the Road....;))

"Hat der Motor eine Seele?"

("Does the engine have a soul?")

Hans Koeppen, driver in the 1908 rally NewYork->Paris (westbound, through Siberia, in winter(!)), see also The-Great-Races.txt

In Memoriam Pieter de Reuver (3 October 1955 - 6 June 2002)

Contents of these 4x4 pages

Stuff I want to buy (literature, vehicles, parts, trailer): WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE!....:))

Tech stuff

Miscellaneous Humor Chapters

Links to other sites & 4x4 Mailinglists/forums

  • Sites devoted to the Land Cruiser 75-series:
    Jan Schille's 75-Series Site
    BuschTaxi.DE (German)
    VierMalVier.DE (German)
    The-Heavy-Duty.NET (German, including a 75 transformed in a towing vehicle!)
    75-series DIY print-out paper-model! @The-Heavy-Duty.NET
    Dominique Stoesser's HZJ-79 Safari long-body 4-door stationwagon @Kavandje.Cruiserpages.COM
    HDJ-78/79 in Australia (factory direct injected turbo diesel, 1HD-FTE (without intercooler)) @WinToy.COM.AU
    Engine spec's of Australian HDJ-78/79 with 1HD-FTE (showing the detuned nature of this engine, 380Nm, but at 1400rpm! (the last Cruiser that had such a low torque peak was the second generation Brasilian Bandeirante, with 14B engine!)) @WinToy.COM.AU
    HDJ-78/79 @LC78.Toyota.COM.AU
    My own notes on this engine
    HZJ-78 camper on 9.00x16 Michelin XZL
    The ultimate traction tire on a J7, yet still getting stuck @ToyotaLandCruiser.DK
    Extra side door on J75/78, and dual-cab/crew-cab 6x4 & 6x6 conversions by @4wdworld.COM.AU
    Coil spring conversion for J7 @DreamTeamCar.FR
    J79 *factory* crewcab high-roof version! @Forum.BuschTaxi.ORG
    Rear-body-extended HZJ76 @Forum.BuschTaxi.ORG
    Euro-5 homologation for J7 @Forum.BuschTaxi.ORG
    Ad-Blue Euro-5 homologation for J7 from JYC/Canada @Forum.BuschTaxi.ORG
    European sales-partner for Euro-5 J7's @SK-Handels-AG.DE
    Actual manufacturer/distributor of this Pirelli(?) emission system/concept @FeelPure.DE
  • Heavy duty Land Cruiser conversion in the mining industry:
    Canadian planetary- & sealed-wet-disk- axle-converted HZJ79's @MillerTechnologies.COM
  • Another source of Land Cruiser compatible engines (like 14B, 13B and nowadays 1HZ): Toyota Coaster/Bus HZB30 @Coaster.Toyota.COM.AU
  • Interesting sites & galleries about 45-series Land-Cruisers:
    Danish FJ45 Camper (with twin-tire/single-pivot carrier!) from Michael Nielsen @
    Danish FJ45 Camper II @UK.Michulla.DK
  • Lots of series-specific TLC links: Trey's TLC Links
  • A nice Japanese TLC site: Shu Iwakata
  • Another Japanese TLC site: Bekkoame
  • Want to check every known problem for a specific type of Cruiser?" Japanese Cruiser Problem Library
  • Toyota in South Africa:
    Toyota SA
    Toyota SA II
  • Heaps of Toyota related links, dealers, accessories etc: Daryl's Toyota Web Links
  • TLC Diesel specialists down under: Berrima Diesel Web Page
  • More Land Cruiser Diesel info:
    Ian Bragg's Diesel Site
    German diesel inspection service for 10 euro/injector @Offroad-Forum.DE
  • More forum-sites about Land Cruisers:
    LandCruiserFreunde.DE (German)
    Sverige Land Cruiser Klubben @SICK.SE
    Suomi Land Cruiser Klubi @SLCK.NET
  • About BigFoot Land Cruisers on Iceland:
    Runar Sigurjonsson (HDJ-80 SAR-vehicle)
    40-series (rare picture, never seen this model as BigFoot before!)
    HDJ-100 (I) [even though title/text suggest it's an 80!]
    HDJ-100 (II)
  • Ever seen a 60-series with a max weight of nearly 2 tonnes (2000kg!) over stock maximum weight? (yes, that's 4.5 tonnes!): FJ-60 World Record Tour
  • About one of Japan's largest Land Cruiser clubs:
    Mt Fuji Cruiser Club Site
    Mt Fuji Cruiser Fest pictures
  • About that unique one-off FJ45LV/UZJ100 Wagon, custom-made by Rod Millen, ordered by Toyota USA for the 50th anniversary celebration:
    Petra&Sven's Cruiser Site
    Woytovich's Cruiser Site (Gallery One)
    Popular Mechanics Report
    AutoWorld's Report
    Toyota's Pressroom Story
    Interiorshot @Birfield.COM/~Morgan
  • Something similar, J4 bodies on J8 drivetrain:
  • A new concept Cruiser from Toyota, based on the FJ40:
    FJ40 Concept Cruiser @LSLC.ORG
    FJ40 Concept Cruiser @Motorcities.COM
    FJ40 Concept Cruiser @RockCrawler.COM
  • Utopia in Cruiser rust-prevention: HJ60 with all-aluminium body, made by NewCruiser! @NewCruiser.CA
  • Officially recommended item to tow behind a Land Cruiser: OEM Toyota trailer! @Birfield.COM
  • A lovely overview of foreign (to the USA), exotic & military Cruisers: Foreign Cruisers @Brian894x4.COM
  • Did you know Toyota supplied Land Cruisers with 2 different safety belt mechanisms, one of them not locking up at standstill?: Safety belt differences with UN-spec Land Cruisers, brown versus grey (only locking when driving versus also at standstill!) @Forum.BuschTaxi.ORG
  • A FAQ about Toyota's smallest 4x4: RAV4 FAQ @ZipLink.NET
  • A huge site about 4Runners & more: Chris Geiger @Off-Road.COM
  • For the Godfather of all 4x4 sites, see: Dean Waters 4x4 page @Off-Road.COM
  • A direct overview of several hundreds(!) of other 4x4 sites: Heaps of Links @Off-Road.COM
  • Another general site, with online reports (Camel Trophy etc), and some commercial links: 4x4 4U Video Magazine @4x44u.COM
  • Searching the archives of the Offroad Mailinglist: Offroad Mailinglist archives @Tiffany.Indirect.COM
  • A European 4x4/car site: Auto-Option @Auto-Option.CO.UK
  • About worlds most famous rally:
  • Tons of Cruiser images worldwide, plus factory literature:
    Henry Cubillan's Amazing Cruiser Album
    More old factory Cruiser literature @IT.Geocities.COM/EpoqueClub
  • Servicing the hubs on your Land Cruiser (officially needed after every water crossing!): Repacking Cruiser Hubs
  • Lots of Toyota Land Cruiser links:
    Toyota Land Cruisers Assocation
    Erich Bibelheimer
  • How to determine the age of your Land Cruiser frame and engine by its serial number (40/45/55): TLC Frame & Engine identification
  • Pictures of a lovely range of open-top Land Cruiser FJ55's, a Cummins-powered 55, and a massive single-sided, full-width, rearbumper-mounted tire/cargo-carrier for several other Cruisers: 4x4Labs.Com
  • Your entire Cruiser has been eaten away by rust?....forget about replacing it with steel!: Gozzard Glassfiber 40-series body & 60-series rear door
  • Ever seen a TLC 75 Crew Cab?: Buffalo Camper conversions
  • Crewcab Land Cruisers and other extended J45/J75's, from days past and present:
  • More Bandeirantes, the J4-clone entirely made by Toyoda do Brasil:

    Miscellaneous Dutch 4x4/automotive links (including some mixed-language links about ecofascism!)

    Miscellaneous German 4x4/automotive links

    Miscellaneous Non-4x4 Links

  • More calculators and conversion-tools than you need in a lifetime:
    Calculator/Converter Walhalla
    Unit conversion page @Tedanderson.COM
  • Do a search in zillions of patents: Patents Site (formerly IBM)

    For an overview of thousands of other mailinglists:

  • Overview @liszt.com
  • Overview @listserv.nodak.edu
  • Overview @sri.com
  • Stephanie da Silva's overview
  • Law Guru
  • Tile Net
  • eGroups
  • OneList
  • ListQuest (mainly photo)

  • How to trace spammers and their actual uplinks (.com/net/org):

  • Likewise for the rest of Europe: Ripe

  • How to find someones email address:

  • A nice engine for translating texts: Translation Service

  • How to create a Usenet newsgroup, by Jon Bell: Newsgroup Creation

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    FJ55_Jochen-Kuhbier @Markerink.ORG
    FJ55_Military-Pickup_Japan @Markerink.ORG
    FJ60_Military-Pickup_Japan @Markerink.ORG
    Goodyear_Punkhead @Markerink.ORG
    Hamburg-Shanghai_2006 @Markerink.ORG
    HJ60_OME-load @Markerink.ORG
    IHC @Markerink.ORG
    J10_IFS @Markerink.ORG
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    J4&J5_History_Oldtimer-Markt @Markerink.ORG
    J6_Documents @Markerink.ORG
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    Pinzgauer&Duro @Markerink.ORG
    Pinzgauer_Documents @Markerink.ORG
    Shanghai-Hamburg_2009 @Markerink.ORG
    Steyr-Diesels @Markerink.ORG
    T_MAHAL @Markerink.ORG
    Tire_Documents @Markerink.ORG
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    TLC_History @Markerink.ORG
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    Video @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo-TGB @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_10-inch-clutch @Markerink.ORG
    volvo_5sp_overdrive-modification_2009-09-24@Daniel-L @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_C306_AME-183 @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_C306_BDD-920 @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_C306_BNU-529 @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_C306_KBN-713 @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_Documents @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_Exhaust_2006-04-26 @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_Hamburg-Shanghai_2006 @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_Manuals@Sorin-Gregore @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_Manuals@Terrangbil-net @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_Mystery-Wagon @Markerink.ORG
    Volvo_Video @Markerink.ORG